Lead4life Seminars

The foundation of Lead4life’s In-School Programs occur on a weekly basis, when up to 40 students (per grade level) gather at an appropriate time during school hours to participate in 60 minutes of Power-packed Leadership & Life Skills Seminars. The primary objective of Lead4life’s Curriculum is built around facilitating lesson plans that focus on Building Confidence, Establishing Self-Worth, Developing Meaningful Relationships with friends, Exercising Personal Accountability and becoming Driven by what we call The Lead4life Vision Mindset. To achieve our missions, Lead4life works closely with our partner school’s administration, teachers, and team of counselors. As of March 2018, Lead4life’s Programming is being facilitated with 7 Champaign Unit 4 Schools, as well as Danville High School. Approximately 1000 students participate in Lead4life Seminars on a weekly basis.