In my personal three-year experience, Lead4Life has had a great impact on my life. To me, Lead4Life is a great big family. We’re all learning to do the same things, all while still inputting our own personal experiences. Within the years that I have known Mr. Wright he’s always been very supportive of me. Lead4Life in the simplest terms to me means that I will always have someone to back me up or give me good advice. I’ve taken a lot out of the lessons in Lead4Life and I can honestly say that even though I only participate once a week, Mr. Wright & Lead4Life has changed my life. These weekly Lead4Life lessons have taught me that #1 I must always believe in my dream because like Mr. Wright says… if I don’t see it, before I see it, I will never see it! Which to me means that I will never reach my goal if I don’t believe in it. #2, if I fail to manage my time, I will never reach my success. Failure to manage my time will not progress my everyday life. Lastly, # 3, I must show a role of leadership for others. I cannot follow someone else’s negativity and be my own person at the same time! I have my own goals and aspirations in life, and Mr. Wright has really taught me how to work toward achieving those goals.
— Amari G. - Centennial High School
I think Lead4life is an amazing program! I have learned more about self-image, self-esteem,
and self-confidence. Right now I am focused on how I am going to become a veterinarian. Our teacher, Mr. Wright has pushed us to our maximum. He has told us about how when he started Lead4Life, there were a very small amount of kids total but that did not stop him. He kept on working hard to get more kids into the Lead4Life program… And just a few years later he had hundreds of kids in Lead4Life. I have learned to never give up, it is good to take risks, and to work hard for my teachers. ‘My purpose in life is to help kids and teens discover their purpose in life’ this was said by the one and only Mr. Wright and I think that he is done this for me! I am really happy that I got the opportunity to be in Mr. Wright’s program, Lead4life. It is so fun to spend time with the people in my school and to listen to the stories from Mr. Wright. Thank you for everything you do Mr. Wright!
— Kylia - Edison Middle School
Lead4Life means empowerment and working your hardest. Mr. Wright has helped me with anxiety, depression, etc. I have never felt comfortable in my body especially during sixth grade. Girls were getting taller, but yet I was and still standing at 4’4”. I was born with a genetic disorder called Turner syndrome. That’s when you have one X chromosome instead of two, which causes a delay in growth and puberty. I felt like I was looked at as a baby. I remember when I was in the locker room getting dressed and somebody said, ‘you don’t even have anything’. From that moment on, I never wanted to go in the locker room again. When I was first chosen to be a part of Lead4Life, I didn’t know what to think. However, it didn’t take long before I began to see a different side of life and of myself. I learned self-love, self-care, and seeing things differently. I am Lead4life… Where Vision is my Master Plan!
— Journey M - Jefferson Middle School