Weekly Lead4life Student Check-In Form For Teachers

In Order For Students To Participate each week, Teachers MUST first grant permission by filling out the E Check-In form below.

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Lead4life’s Classroom Expectations:

“Lead4life students are expected to (1) “Exemplify Positive Leadership” while in the Classroom & all places on Campus by exercising a growth mindset, that emphasize supporting teachers as they set productive atmospheres that’s conducive to establishing productive learning environments. (2) “Practice Lead4life” throughout the week, by taking advantage of opportunities while in the classroom to transfer those Leadership & Life Skills that are being learned in Lead4life Seminars. (3) “Be Influential” via embracing Student Accountability… Lead4life students are expected to show respect for themselves and others.” We Are Lead4life! Where Vision Is Our Master Plan!! - Javae’ Wright Sr.

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