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So Why Lead4life?


Communities need positively directed youth, with strong leadership and teamwork skills. The US Department of Education and Edutopia, George Lucas's education non-profit, emphasize the importance of middle & high school students and their identity development. The U.S. Department of Education states, "Many [students] make that decision to drop out [of school] either consciously or unconsciously during those middle grades years."(Kasak) The Lead4life Identity Project works with students to develop CONFIDENCE, DECISION-MAKING SKILLS & a VISION MINDSET that serve them, and their communities, for life. Johns Hopkins Univ. states that the middle grades may be the "most fertile years", the most important years in a child's education.

Lead4Life involves students in Middle & High School to encourage their natural curiosity about themselves while developing leadership skills, academic enthusiasm, and personal responsibility.

-Francinna P. Wright / Director of Educational Programming