"The 2018 Lead4life Student Of The Year Award Goes To

Braylon Beacock from Jefferson Middle School”

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"And The 2017 Lead4life Co-Students Of The Year Award Goes To Emme  & Leena!"

Emme Pianfetti - Franklin Middle School

   I started Lead4life in seventh grade and ever since the first day, lead4life has been one of the best parts of my week. My favorite thing about Lead4Life is that everytime I leave I feel empowered. Lead4life builds me up so that I, and everyone else in it, have the determination and motivation to do something great with their lives. I see so many people positively affected by Lead4life and I am so thankful to be apart of something this amazing.

    Last year, I was the recipient of the Lead4Life student of the year award. It was an honor for me to be chosen to win this award because there were so many other kids who were just as deserving. After receiving this award, my confidence has increased and I believe that I can achieve any goal or dream that I set in motion.  The fact that Mr. Wright believes in me, gives me additional strength to believe in myself, especially when I may lack faith in my abilities.

      Lead4life has taught me a lot of valuable lessons. For example,  supporting others, giving back to my community, and being kind. I saw how important these things were at the Pour In event. Mr. Wright and others in the community had all come together to inspire and empower all the kids who attended the event. From the first day of Lead4Life I have learned how important and valuable it is to work towards achieving your dreams. It has helped give me the motivation and determination I need to succeed. A lot of times in school I find myself thinking back to meetings in the past, and it helps me gain that extra motivation I need to help me get through something that I am struggling with and to not give up.

Lead4life is a really special organization that I am so proud to be in. Mr. Wright is changing the lives of every kid in Lead4life for the better.  He has given me the power to see that there is a purpose for my life and I can never thank him enough. Lead4Life has done so many awesome things but it’s only just beginning. I cannot wait to see how much Lead4Life will grow and how many more people it will positively affect. -Emme Pianfetti

Leena Kumar - Jefferson Middle School

    Lead4Life is like my second family. Everyone is supportive, loving, and caring and that is why hearing Mr. Wright call my name to accept the Lead4life Co-Student of the Year Award meant everything to me. In that moment, my heart was racing. I was shocked and I didn’t know how to feel and walking across that stage in front of my peers was even more terrifying but as soon as I gave Mr. Wright a hug, everything felt okay again.

    It was a very proud moment for me because I felt like I accomplished something so big and I had my family right there to support me through it all. Lead4Life is such an amazing program to be in. It’s motivating, inspiring, and it’s a place where you find your purpose. It’s a welcoming place full of positive and happy energy. I definitely encourage everyone to be in Lead4Life, even just a day to listen to Mr. Wright's words because everything he says is so real and so helpful.

   He says things that you may not want to hear but things you need to  hear that'll help you in life like as Mr. Wright says, “If you don’t see it before you see it, you’ll never see it.”, that little saying itself has helped me clarify my goals and everything I want to accomplish in life. I’ve changed for the better because of everything Mr. Wright has taught me, he has made a huge positive impact on my life. I am the leader I am today because of him so thank you Mr. Wright for believing in me! 

 -Leena Kumar 


"And The 2016 Lead4life Student Of The Year Award Goes To

Mardoche Panupambi of Jefferson Middle School

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"Our 2015 First Annual Lead4life Student Of The Year Award Goes To

Ms. Destiny Davis of Franklin Middle School

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