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Partnership With A Purpose! 

The decision to come along side Javae’ and provide a financial literacy curriculum to the Lead4life students was easy. Javae’s desire to impact kids through the four pillars of Confidence, Faith, Education and Vision is on point and aligns wonderfully with the culture of our company. Once we met Javae’, and witnessed his passion and dedication to helping kids reach their potential we were hooked! Many of our colleagues have participated in teaching the financial literacy course and it has made a lasting impact on their life. It is a privilege to partner with Javae’ in Lead4life and we are very excited to see how our relationship will grow in the future.
— Brian Chaffin, President & CEO - Central Illinois Bank

Lead4Life / CIB Financial Literacy Seminars For Middle & High School Students


Centennial High School - CIB Financial Literacy Seminars

"It is an opportunity for the students to learn about how money can work for them or against them as they go on this adventure we call “Life.” You never know what kind of background students come from on the topic of money. The stuff we teach is very practical and we encourage the students to ask questions as we go along. It’s about empowering our students to make the right decisions about money to be successful in life. We are training up the next generation of millionaires!"

Desa "D.P." Phetchareun - Central Illinois Bank

VP SBA – Commercial Lender

Jefferson Middle School - CIB Financial Literacy Seminars

"The most rewarding part of working with the students through Lead4Life is knowing we are providing them with basic financial knowledge to guide them throughout their lives beginning right now." - Bette Prince | Operations Specialist

"It has been a pleasure to work with Lead4Life alongside Javae'. I am grateful for the opportunity and love seeing the impact. The most important part of my involvement in Lead4Life is knowing that the students will use this information throughout their life. I hope that they will share with others the details of their journey and tidbits of wisdom learned through Lead4Life. Through such, the ripple of this wonderful organization shall never end, and it is just beginning the wave into our next generations.” -Jeremiah S. Baughman |Business Services Specialist


Franklin middle school - CIB Financial Literacy Seminars

Chad Howard - Central Illinois Bank

Senior Credit Analyst 


Michael Beem - Central Illinois Bank

Vice President | Corporate Banking


Edison middle school - CIB Financial Literacy Seminars

Derrick Thompson - Central Illinois Bank


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Building Relationships, Understanding Needs, Writing Visions & Impacting Young Lives!

At the start of the 2017 School Year, Central Illinois Bank's Administrative Team partnered with Wright The Vision Seminars DBA Lead4life in an effort to utilize Lead4life's In-School Programming Platform to make an even deeper impact in the students currently being served. Together Lead4life & Central Illinois Bank's team of officials partnered to develop a Financial Literacy Curriculum which ties directly to Lead4life's Leadership & Life Skills Lesson Plan. As a result all Champaign Lead4life Students are blessed with the opportunity to acquire monthly first hand banking knowledge by a dedicated team of Central Illinois Bank Professionals. Thank You CIB for Investing into the lives of our future Investors!